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Lunar Gravity

Good morning everyone. Well wasn’t last nite a real treat. I don’t know how many of you stayed up to watch the eclipse but we certainly kept the kids up to see it. Though lunar eclipses are not rare we here in New England don’t see them often. Seems like you have to be in Australia to see the most of them. Perhaps as rare as any part of the event was the fact that we had clear skies on the particular evening in question. The kids were not disappointed.

Some of you might remember that we had a “Transit of Venus Cruise” a few years back. We got the silly glasses and everything so we could look at the shadow of Venus cross the early morning sun low on the horizon. We anchored in a protected little harbor that would give us clear access to the unbroken horizon. All night long the sky was brilliantly clear. I remember getting up several times to check on cloud status. As morning approached the Maine coast worked its magic and fog rolled in from offshore. Oh, you could see a crystal clear sky above us but the horizon in question was obliterated. Waaaah! Such is the “magic” and shrouded mystery of a windjammer cruise. But as you can see, magic is what you make of it and we certainly tried to not disappoint anyone.

Last night I wanted to capture the moment in the worst way possible for the kids to remember. I hung out the one of the skylights in the attic where I would be clear of the tall forest surrounding our house. I tried shooting through a binocular optic (Sawyers idea!). I guess I will have to sign up for Jim’s Photography Cruise. Jen finally managed to catch the image you see here. I don’t know if the kids will ever remember seeing the eclipse. Maybe they will remember laying on the attic floor looking up at the sky and hearing Mom read another chapter of Charlie Bone. I was thinking there would be people everywhere huddled together in the cold clear darkness to witness, if not the mystery, at least the magic. The magic is not just in the eclipse but how the gravitational effect of the moon pulled so many of us together.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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