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Magical Nature

Good morning everyone. After an overcast and chilly early week we end with brilliant sunshine and warmer temperatures and great wind. We sailed off the hook yesterday after exploring Holbrook Island Preserve. We saw several new species of sparrows in the fields and a kingfisher along the shore. The total species count for the week was 47 including puffins and razor bills.

While counting species and putting names to creatures we have never seen before is important the week is also about the excitement each of us finds in the natural world. We come closer to ourselves by watching nature and feeling the joy in sighting our first chipping sparrow or bald eagle. The seals never cease to amaze me. As we passed under the bridge the other day a pod of porpoise rolled close to the boat so that we could see the whites of their bellies. The crew aloft in the crosstrees could see them clear as a bell from their vantage point. Everyone stood breathless for just a few moments before gleefully pointing at the spectacle.

All of us this week have smiled more than once at something that nature has shown us. Those are the smiles of the yet undisturbed parts of our own nature. We are joyous by nature; just watch children. Adversity toughens us over time just as the weather toughens a spruce tree growing on the island‚Äôs edge but the spruce tree keeps growing and waving flexibly in the wind. I hope that each of us finds something that reminds us of our joy and that each of us can keep growing and waving as well. The people, the sailing, and the Maine coast… they help me grow. Today I will wave goodbye to another wonderful group of human beings who have touched my life with their joy. We called this cruise Pelagic Magic and we certainly found that at every turn of the wheel.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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