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Good morning everyone. The idea of being an insider this time of year is appealing especially to those of us who happen to have a wood stove to wrap ourselves around. The temperatures this past week have been a tad bit chilly. I don’t believe the thermometer here at the global headquarters broke the single digits all week long. The chickens stayed huddled under cover. It was so cold….how cold was it??? It was so cold then when the rooster crowed the steam from its warm breath froze instantly to its beak and fell to the ground . The sound never actually reached the house only a few yards away as it was frozen inside that pile of ice. Come spring all those sounds laying around the dooryard are going to defrost and the best hearing protectors around will do little to dampen the forthcoming cacophony.

But that isn’t the kind of “insider” I was trying to tell you about. An insider is also someone who is in “the know” about what ever it is they think they know about. Last spring I was accidentally mistaken as an “insider” by the Maine Department of Tourism. They came down to Camden to take some video footage during which Colby stole the show which is why so much footage of other folks is spliced in there. At any rate, because the phone is starting to jangle with people wanting to reserve space for next summer I thought I better, in the spirit of full disclosure, let folks see what they might get stuck with (me that is).

Hope you enjoy this video. And really I am not as big a blabber mouth as the video makes me out to be. Probably worse. You’ll notice the Maine Office of Tourism has pretty well buried this thing on the internet so that mothers and their children are safe from any harmful effects.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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