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Maine Windjammer Swimming

Good Morning Everyone! Let’s not even talk about the thermometer this morning. I am getting a new one down at the hardware store today. Although ours isn’t broken I feel like I just need something new to tell you so am hoping a new thermometer might read something different than 0 degrees. I don’t mind the cold as much as I do reporting the same thing to you every day.

Cold is this relative sort of thing. I love the cold. The cold is my friend. I can always put more clothes on during the winter but on a hazy, hot, and humid summer day there are only so many clothes I can legally take off. Thank goodness for that you say. So if the cold is just a state of mind then what do we say about all the swimmers in the accompanying picture. I came across these non-retouched pictures this morning to prove that 1) the water in Maine is not as cold as some folks say or that 2) Maine windjammer passengers are a special breed.

I promise I did not digitally scan the swimmers into this scene. These are real people, really swimming, and not stunt doubles. The kids are loving the ride on Dad. Please be forewarned; I do not do this for all my sailing guests.

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