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Midnite Oil

Good morning everyone. Here at the global headquarters we have discovered a new fuel supply that we are tapping into with wild abandon. It is an energy source that is renewable on a daily basis and seems to have no limits when put under pressure. Midnight oil is what I am speaking of course and we are burning it in great quantities. As the saying goes… we will have plenty of time to sleep when we’re dead.

The crew is really stepping up to the plate getting everything ready. We have Coast Guard deck inspection on Monday and many details to take care of before then. The passenger cabins and companionways are all getting a makeover with new paint and varnish. Just when the crew thought they were done sanding we are once again tackling a major painting project.

During this past weekend we began a new electrical installation that will allow us to supply 110 power to all of the cabins. The new inverter/charger will supply a very limited (read No Hair Dryers!) amount of electricity to the passenger cabins for folks with sleep apneia who need a positive pressure ventilator called a CPAP machine to keep ticking through the night. These are appearing more and more frequently and the portable inverter we have does not fit the bill any longer. The battery bank that supplies power to the navigation electronics is being replaced as well. Each battery weighs in at 165 lbs. and let me tell you that getting them up out of the bilges is not fun.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


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