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Non-smoking Cruise

Good morning everyone. We sit quietly at anchor here at Great Cove in Brooklin. There is not a breathe of air stirring and the fog that crept in overnight is dripping from the rig onto the awning. Evidently a trough just west of New England is spinning a series of frontal systems across the region creating a very interesting weather week.

So this week we are smoke free aboard the schooner. Other than that this is the first non-theme week of the season. We are just out exploring and poking around with no agenda in mind. A minke whale came up just off the port side on Monday, a sign, if you wanted to see it as such, that despite the forecast this was going to be a good week. The Minke was right (or maybe I am just a superstitious fool). The forecast has improved greatly since Monday and yesterday was just beautiful. We spent the entire day in Eggemoggin Reach tacking back and forth in very light and variable winds. The fog is slated to burn off today with a wonderful wind filling in from the south.

Have a great day. Be well. Do Good.


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