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Oh Captain, Oh Captain, Please Don’t Rumba!

Good morning everyone. Another 6” of snow fell this weekend and we took a few hours to enjoy the wonders of winter here in New England skiing in the woods. The full Wolf Moon on Saturday causing astronomical high tides plus a 1’ tidal surge brought by the low pressure system meant we had tides over the bulkhead in Camden. At low tide just the opposite happens and the tides dip well below normal. I was able to step to the docks from the beach and get aboard the schooner on Friday after work and all was well.

I had an interesting email this morning from a wonderful gentleman looking for a vacation to replace a now defunct “windjammer” sailing experience that formerly sailed in the Caribbean. He sent us a very humorous swashbuckling note, complete with colorful pirate party images, wondering if we might be able to fill the void, complete with canons and limbo parties and would the captain be leading the rumba line? I regretted to tell him that we probably did not offer the booty he was looking for. When I think of images to share with folks about our windjammer sailing experience they actually include sails, and lots of them. Now I will tell you, as I told him, the show here is not the captain. That’s for sure! When I lead the rumba line most folks think I have a seizure disorder. The Maine coast and the sailing are the show and I do my best to get out of the way and let folks relax as they see fit. I enjoy seeing folks reconnect with nature and with friends, new and old, while watching some of the most spectacular scenery in the world pass by. I really have to thank my swashbuckling friend for his thought provoking email because he reminded of what makes a Maine windjammer experience so different and so unique. 131 days until we sail… not that we are counting.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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