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One Last Hurrah

Good morning everyone. Well, here we are on our last windjammer trip of the season. Can you believe it? I will not do a whole lot of reflecting here but it has been a good summer. This is a very bittersweet time. I am looking forward to so much ashore but I will miss the bay.

This last trip seems to be cramming an entire season of highlights in to 4 days. We left on Thursday morning with beautiful sunshine and temps in the 80s onshore. Within the hour that quickly became a series of thunderstorms. One passed right over our heads with a crack of lightning that couldn't have been 1/4 mile away. That storm passed off uneventfully and others passed just a few miles south and north of us. Miraculously we were in a slot between much of the bad weather. The rest of the day we drifted lazily up to anchor in Bucks harbor in a light breeze.

Early yesterday morning the rain poured down as a cold front approached the coast. By breakfast time the rains had moved off and we took time to walk ashore while the thickest fog I have seen in a while blanketed the harbor. Underway we sailed the clearing westerly down the Eggemmoggin Reach for one last pass under the bridge. The outgoing tide carried us out of Jericho Bay (huge tides here in the wake of the full moon) and down to the village at Isle Au Haut . The wind is NW at the moment and is supposed to get quite gusty this afternoon. But first we will get ashore at this magical place.

Have great day. Be well. Do good.


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