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Painting and Movie Stars

Good morning everyone. Jen, Mary, and I appeared on the local TV station yesterday. The focus of the show was windjammer vacations of course. Actually I must confess it was a live taping and the show will not actually appear until the last week of the month here in Maine only and only on cable service. I am sure both of the viewers will enjoy what we have to say about great sailing vacations in our own back yard. We do get more and more guests from in state each summer. Maybe with the price of gas these days we should be doing more in state marketing.

We are forecasted to have a beautiful day, temperatures soaring into the upper 40s, so finally we will be spreading paint to beat the band. Today we paint cabin house window frames, the chocolate brown skylight combings, and the wooden slides for the varnished hatch covers. Mary will be varnishing the skylight over the main cabin and the lazarette combing.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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