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Painting Peapods

Good morning everyone. We received 15” of new snow yesterday and I am here to tell you it is just beautiful as the sun rises over the ridge top to the east of our home. Plowing was a real challenge in the soft mud with the heavy moisture laden snow. We were all out digging for most of the morning.

The afternoon was spent in the barn prepping the peapods for painting. Gently the primer was sanded baby bottom smooth. I reefed out some caulking and re-caulked the garboards on one of the boats. I also spent some time replacing a deadeye in one of the topmast backstays. The smell of pine tar is lovely. I introduced the crew to some rig maintenance concepts, worming, parceling and serving. Today we will divide and conquer once again. A few of us will be at the schooner while a few paint the peapods so that we can get them out of the barn before they dry out any more than they have.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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