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Patience and Preparation

Good morning everyone. We are on tap for a beautiful day with loads of sunshine and temperatures in the low 60s. And this trend is supposed to continue for the next few days. What most of the country considers spring is finally here at last.

So today we paint, paint, paint. And tomorrow we do more of the same. The crew has done a great job of preparing the cabin houses and that, as they say, is 90% of the secret to a good paint finish. The other part of a good finish is patience and that is why Jen will lead the charge today.

So my sermon for the day is about patience and preparation. It works for painting. It works for life. I think about all the work we put in to training on the ambulance service and the fire department. We are all keen to put our skills to work and we sit with radios in hand waiting for the tones to go off. When they do all the practice pays off. Imagine if we all practiced for relationships with the same thought in mind. “I could do that interaction better if I just try it this way.” There are many attributes that I am just not a natural at, like patience. Boy do I have to practice. But patience pays off and sooner or later all that preparation pays off and life comes out looking beautiful.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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