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Polishing the Brass of Life

I know pride is suppose to be a two edged sword but polishing brass puts pride in perspective. Imagine polishing brass that makes the boat look so beautiful when you know you the elements will laugh and tarnish your hard work and you are just going to have to polish again the next day. Now the “smart” person would lacquer the polished brass, right? The experienced person knows that lacquer chips eventually and once applied is a bear to remove.

We have been criticized by some for putting too much energy in to things that guests will never see. Fair enough. I am no doubt trying to make up for some hole in my psyche but there is also a part of me that knows when I have done my best and when I have let myself slide by with my second best. We each make choices every day about how much energy we can put into our lives. Some days more, some days less. These days we seem so busy that taking the time to “do it right” gives way to “git ‘er done”. It is all a balancing act but I particularly admire folks who take the extra step to make their worlds a little better with out fanfare or anyone else looking on. The lobsterman in the fog hauls only his own gear even though no one can see because it feels right. That is the polished brass of life. Honest, simple, wonderful, heart warming.

Have a great day. Be well. Do Good.

Photo by Tom Haraden.

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