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Powerful Beings

Good morning everyone. We were able to get another coat of oil on the deck yesterday morning and it had kicked off nicely by afternoon. Meanwhile back on the farm, Becki, Sara, and Jen were able to sand, prime, putty, paint (topsides and bottom) and varnish the exterior of our harbor “tug” Chadwick. That was very long day for the three of them. We hope to get her launched on Sunday morning. Chadwick is named for our dear departed friend Major Floyd S. Chadwick (USAF Ret), the Camden harbor monitor, and friend to all water related folks on the shoreline. His daily blessing was featured in this blog back in March. It is only fitting that we should name an influential boat after such an influential person.

Why a second yawl boat, you ask? There are times when a schooner without an engine needs an extra little push getting in on really windy days. A gusty northwest wind is the most challenging in Camden when coming to the dock. There have been times when we have had to enter Camden the night before our intended return date because of forecasted winds. Having the option of a little nudge from the bow gives us control of our speed and helps keep the bow “up” into the wind. The bow of Mary Day is quite high without the benefit of much under the water to keep it from being blown “off”. And heaven forbid, should our regular yawl boat Arno ever fail we have a spare. Remember we do not leave the harbor without a yawl boat so Chadwick actually becomes quite a cheap insurance policy should we ever need it. Chadwick will come on our trip to the shipyard next week.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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