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Push away from the desk…

Good morning everyone. We have been pounding away in the office trying to recover from computer upgrades. That was a real big setback in our world but we think we getting the better of it all. During a break in the action I told Jen she ought to get out and take the camera to capture a little bit of the beautiful day we had. Spring was definitely in the air yesterday but as we New Englanders know from experience, spring comes in fleeting, bashful moments when it first arrives. Here are just a few of the cool shots she took. So my message to all you today, push away from the desk and no one will get hurt! Get out and ramble around for just a few moments. Take a camera as an excuse to try to really notice the gently unfolding signs of spring. I think if I have taken anything away from one of our Nature/Photography cruises it is that a camera is a great tool for looking more closely at the natural world that we can so easily walk right by.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

maine windjammer photography cruises
maine windjammer photography cruises

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