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Remembering a great cruise

OK…Good Morning…It is some wicked cold out there. 8 below zero. I would tell you about the squeaking snow under foot but the sound actually froze before it could reach my ears.. This is the cold we live for and I love it. I can hear the trees snapping and the popping sound of the deck posts being heaved by the frosty ground. Sawyer and I went aboard the schooner yesterday afternoon while Courtney was in dance class and had to row our way through the skim ice just forming at the head of the harbor.

I was looking through some pictures last night and came across this write-up of one of our windjammer cruises in 2005. I will share this cruise in installments. I remember this one because of the 2 thunderstorms that passed down the bay on the afternoon of the first day. It was a strange weather phenomenon because the heat was actually being pushed back against the land from an off shore front causing the storms to form on the immediate coast instead of over land. Passengers were quite invigorated by the whole thing (Daddy, daddy can we do it again?). We had to take the sails down and anchor twice in one day before reaching our final destination. It is amazing how being so close to the elements helps us feel so alive. Thunderstorms and freezing temperatures have this “clap in the face” way of bringing me in to the present. The clouds that afternoon had a particularly surrealistic layered puffiness about them and the sunset was just stunning.

“July 11th Cruise, 2005

Another beautiful cruise! I have to pinch myself sometimes when I think of how lucky we are to live here. The bay was especially exciting this week. Monday we had a couple of thunderstorms roll through which is actually uncommon for us. We anchored up for both events and rode out the winds and rain which only lasted a few minutes each. We anchored near Stonington Monday evening and were able to get ashore to explore one of the smaller islands as well as do some rowing explorations after supper. “

Stay tuned….more to follow….

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