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Rigging for the Future

Jim Dugan took some great shots of Becki aloft. Notice her clipping in. My answer to the annual question of whether to clip in or not is pretty firm. Don’t clip in for yourself, do it for all those folks back home who love you dearly. Do it for us left behind who will forever be asking ourselves some very tough questions. Imagine if we lived our lives with this thought process in mind. If our every action looked not at how we influence ourselves but those around us after we are long gone. I think of this when I plant fruit trees or sugar maples. I think about this when I limb up pine trees. Someday Sawyer and Courtney’s kids will fell pine trees that provide clear boards and suck on the taps of sugar maples that are growing by the edge of the road. How cool is that?

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


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