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Rock and Roll in Camden

We worked aboard the schooner painting and varnishing in the galley on Tuesday. Have you ever felt the land moving under your feet after a day on a rocking boat? That happened for both of us when we got home. What a peculiar sensation. The bay was feather white. At high tide that night the swell came roaring over the outer ledges and tossed the schooners about even more than we experienced aboard. We couldn’t capture the scene in the dark at the evening high tide around 9 o’clock but it was just wild with waves washing over the bulkhead and wind howling in the rigging. It is all very exhilarating but moving about the streets proved to be quite challenging. Trees and power lines were down everywhere. Many of us on the fire department were up all night clearing downed trees and pumping flooded basements. By dawns early light the schooner was still afloat with the cover intact, one more thing to be quite thankful for. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving Day.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


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