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Sailing & Basking in the Sun

Good Morning everyone. A quiet Sunday morning here in Appleton after a wonderful week on the bay. For all the “iffy” nature of the forecast Monday we had some great weather and good sailing.

The frontal passage Thursday morning helped clear away the fog which was just lovely in the early morning. To see the waves of cold and warm air hanging so low to the water was just amazing. Jen was able to catch close up look at a seal swimming quite close to the schooner.

The breeze finally came onshore late in the day and we enjoyed some good tacking upwind in Jericho Bay finally anchoring near Stonington. The kids went on their first solo journey rowing ashore to Hells Half Acre, a small, uninhabited rock with a small forest in search of this week’s “island treasure”. Passengers wondered how we could let them go so far alone. Our response was give them five minutes on the island and they’ll realize their alone, they’ll be back in a jif, and sure enough they were, with treasure in tow! Sawyer and Nadie we’re pleased as punch to tow home yet another island log as they declare, “could be a navigational hazard to boats Dad!” Yep, another artifact for our lawn….

To be honest we’re not a big fan of busy towns and Stonington is one island town with much going on. But we were glad to see fisherman finally getting a chance to put some gear out. We hear that the lobsters have started to shed and am happy that the lobsterman might be catching a few at last. Their season has been absolutely discouraging up until now. As Stonington was bustling with activity folks enjoyed a chance to get ashore and visit the Granite museum and with Jon and Evelyn Kok at the Sign of the Purple Fish Gallery where Evelyn makes beautiful bookmarks and Jon makes beautiful music.

After a good visit in Stonington the wind came up just as we got underway and we had the best sail of the week. We were blessed with one last look at the locals as they bask in the sun….just enjoying another great day on the bay as we were.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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