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Sailing Family Harvest

As a young adult I spent time with my grandfather working in his garden. I will never forget driving the tractor around, planting peas, cutting out potato eyes,and finally sitting on the edge of Swayze’s field across the street and watching the turkeys (they were just making a come back in NH then) come out at dusk. I suppose that is where I get my love for the woods and all things rural. When I grow up I want to be a farmer. Now this might seem to be a long ways from our windjammer sailing family life but the two are quite connected. Both farmers and sailors live and die by the weather and that closeness to the elements is something that makes me feel so alive. As I watch Sawyer stalking wildlife each day in the woods I know it is innate. He is always excited when he returns from his walks, having seen a chipmunk or not.

So I hope you had a chance to get out and enjoy a little chilly fall weather this weekend. The harvest is not just about fruits and vegetables. The harvest of good feelings that come from being outdoors is as nourishing as any food I can think of. I see this happen for guests every week that we sail all summer long.

Have a great day. be well. Do good.


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