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Sailing Lighthouse Fundraiser

Good Morning Everyone. A beautiful 1st day of February. 6 degrees and overcast with the promise of warmer temps today. There is not much snow cover here and we have noticed that the deer are scraping away patches in the field to feed on the grass. We might get a little snow here the next few days. People often ask what we do for ourselves for vacation. Well…we don’t…. vacation that is. This schooner thing keeps us right to the grind stone most all the year round and to leave the office for a few days just leaves us feeling behind the 8 ball. So we grab little 2 day escapes and long weekends here and there. The kids have Friday off from school so we figured this would be as good a time as any. So we’ll head off to our favorite place to ski, Sugarloaf USA. We’ll get a chance to visit friends and Jen’s godparents kindly offer a place to sleep. Things have been some wicked busy in the office this last week and a half. I am ready to get out and stir.

I did want to tell you that we have added an additional lighthouse cruise to our schedule, May 31-June 3, 2007. We are very excited to be offering this special Lighthouse fundraiser for the Maine Lighthouse Museum (MLM) and the American Lighthouse Foundation (ALF). So here’s the shameless pitch: Set sail for 4 days aboard the schooner Mary Day and help raise funds to celebrate the collaboration of the American Lighthouse Foundation and the Maine Lighthouse Museum. This historic merger creates the largest lighthouse museum in the nation, a museum not just about the past but dedicated to preserving the future of these national treasures. Lighthouse historian Ted Panyatoff, the author of a book about the Rockland Breakwater Light, will be aboard to share his wealth of technical knowledge as well as his vast collection of stories about the men and women who created and manned these coastal sentinels, saving lives and allowing commerce to flourish. This will be a time to see lighthouses and share their stories from the decks of an authentic Maine schooner, just as the light keepers would have seen a hundred years ago. A portion of the proceeds from this cruise will be donated to the ALF/MLM to support the important work they are doing. Everyone will receive a complimentary pass to the museum, which is a “must see” destination while you are here. Help us support the Maine Lighthouse Museum and the American Lighthouse Foundation during this fun filled 4 day sailing cruise on Penobscot Bay. For more information about the schooner Mary Day visit Learn about the American Lighthouse Foundation and the Maine Lighthouse Museum at and

So pass along the word about this special event if you know anyone that might be interested. In the meantime, have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Any know which lighthouses are pictured here? Answers for the curious coming tomorrow.

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