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Sailing Vacation Memoirs

Good morning everybody. 0 degrees in the door yard, again. -10 with the wind chill but who’s counting. Am I sounding like a broken record yet. Remember, the cold is my friend. As I tell non-believers from other parts of our beautiful country, stick a banana out on the sidewalk on a hot summer day and it just won’t last long. Stick a banana out in our door yard this week and the skin may turn brown but it won’t go bad inside. Of course it will be hard as a rock too. So think of us up here, turning brown perhaps, but we are still good on the inside.

On the last days of this cruising memoir we find ourselves anchored off Castine, July 15, 2005:

Friday morning the wind came NW behind the front while we are walking ashore in the nearby town of Castine. This historic community dating back to before the Revolution is also the home to a great stand of Elm trees that never caught the wrath of Dutch Elm disease. We drifted off the anchor and up the bay in a dying northerly breeze. After a patient few hours of ghosting, the onshore breeze gave a wonderful afternoon sail. We sailed through dinner (roast pork with rosemary, sage and garlic, mashed potatoes, fresh peas, Parker House rolls, and stuffing) anchoring up in time for hand cranked ice cream (vanilla and mint chocolate chip). A beautiful sunset was all that consoled us as we thought about our Saturday morning arrival back at the dock. And as we parted company on Saturday the sentiment was shared among all our guests that the stresses of the world had been left far behind for this short time together, a feeling we all knew we would cherish for some time to come.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good. Or as my grandmother used to say, hands to work, hearts to God.

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