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Sailing Vacation Memories

Meanwhile, back in time, it is July 13, 2005, sailing the Maine coast:

‚ÄúWednesday a lite southerly wind forced us to tack out of the Western Way with the last of the outgoing tide. The warm moist southerly flow was fueling the fog machine offshore but we managed to stay clear of most of the thick of it by hugging the islands. Still it was a day for sweaters and a great day for a picnic. We anchored that afternoon early enough to get ashore to explore a small island with the biggest fern meadow I have ever scene. Hay scented ferns cover the top of this island and fill the senses with their fragrance and lush vibrant green. I couldn’t help taking a million pictures of them for everywhere I turned their patterns changed and flowed between the spruce trees and granite ledges. We feasted on lobster on the beach until we could eat no more. Back aboard we play music and cribbage and watched the fog quietly roll in once again.‚Äù

Have a great day! Be well. Do good.


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