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Sanding Windajammers

Good morning everyone. Yesterday’s snow has melted away already. Here in New England we call this kind of snow “poor man’s fertilizer”. Things are looking clear at this moment but the forecast speaks of 3” of snow by tomorrow afternoon. Winter lingers on like a bad cold sometimes.

Yesterday the crew spent the day in the barn sanding our two peapods while Mary and I worked at the schooner. One project this winter has been removing and cleaning sections of ballast in the bilges. We focused on the section under the galley. Mary also sanded varnish work in the galley. Today we divide and conquer peapods and the galley sole (floor) as well as varnish in the main cabin. The white dining tables will get a new coat of paint also.

The photos show the dock system back in place and Mary sanding in the galley. You can see her smiling even through her respirator, happy to be giving her schooner some TLC.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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