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Speeding thru the Yard

Good Morning! This week is or was a major turning point for us. Weeks or I should say months, have been spent sanding and painting, sanding and varnishing. You get gritty, you get covered in paint. The crew wonders if there is an end. We just keep reittering the words, be patient, it will be over, we will be sailing soon…..just keep painting! The weather this past week seemed unreal. Temps were in the 60’s! The snow has finally melted and the ice on the lakes have gone. People were out golfing and fishing on the lakes. We took off the cover and launched three boats….signs of winter times are finally gone! By taking off the cover and going for a ride in the yawl boat was the refreshing breeze for our wings to keep us flying thru this busy time of fit out.

From taking off the cover and launching boats on Tuesday, we went right into yard prep. The waterline was prepped and painted and the Mary Day was turned around ready for the early departure to the yard.

Early Friday morning we slipped out of Camden Harbor to arrive in Rockland by 9:30.

We hauled out on the railway and the crew hit the ground running….bottom pressure washed and scrubbed, centerboard trunk de-musseled, thru- hulls cleaned and regreased, zincs changed, bottom scraped and seams compounded. There was even time to paint the quarter & fore bits! By lamplight we finished the day edging the waterline in prep for spraying paint on Saturday morning. As I write this at 6am, Barry is down there now spraying the boat, hoping to be done for a 11am launching. He said he wanted the “super car wash” method. I think we managed to pull it off!

Have a great day! Do well, be good. Enjoy this beautiful time of Spring!

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