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Good morning everyone. Well, here is the scene in New England this morning. Just amazing…. My plans to travel to Portland for the USCG industry day have been changed by Mama Nature. I suspect I will be spending this morning plowing and the afternoon working at the desk. I told Mary to stay home before we left work yesterday and the crew will here spreading paint on the peapods in the barn. We work with the weather as best we can. It is all a very Zen experience…it is what it is.

The driveways are soft with mud so we will be doing what I call “tai chi” plowing…moving the snow with a light touch of the blade, just enough to make a path. Lower that blade hard to the ground and I will be plowing the gravel driveway across to the neighbor’s woods.

The photo shows Becki sanding the main cabin sole yesterday preparing it for a fresh coast of polyurethane.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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