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Spring Cleaning

Good morning everyone. A whopping 16 degrees here this morning. We had a busy weekend around here and at the boat. Frankly we are feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. We just can’t seem to keep up with it (read our expectations). I spent Saturday down at schooner taking advantage of a few more hours aboard. I am happy to report that the bilges are dry. The cover needed a little tightening in places after all the windy weather we have had. Sawyer and I winterized the miscellaneous gasoline engines by changing the oil, fogging the cylinders, and draining the saltwater intake lines for the fire pump, and putting fuel stabilizer in the tanks. I am trying a new old trick by pouring molasses in a few of the drain lines. I have heard the old timers did this years ago to keep the thru-hull fittings from weeping saltwater back in to the lines. This technique should make our annual overhaul of the thru-hull fittings a little more sweet. We have not seen ice on the harbor yet but it can’t be far off.

We have family descending upon us this week and that means it is time to clean house. One of the things that we as a windjammer family do is spring cleaning in the fall. Our spring is so crazy that we could never tackle these kinds of projects. We literally removed everything (appliances too!)from the kitchen yesterday and spent 8 hours cleaning and scrubbing. See what I mean about expectations. Now who is going to look under the refrigerator? Amazing how many of the kids and cats toys were hiding under the oven. At any rate it is some sort of cathartic process that makes us feel better about house and home.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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