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Sunny Windjammer Morning

Good morning everyone. We had a good sail yesterday. All down wind, all day long, in the fog. This wasn't one of those "thick as the hair on a dog" fogs. We had about a half mile visibility all day which is quite good by Maine fog standards. Not being gluttons for punishment we anchored around 1530 and went for walks ashore here at Fort Point 27 miles from Camden. Last night we had a sing along in the main cabin.

This morning the sun is shining bright and the light NW wind promises to carry us out of the river. We had numerous swimmers here this morning. I can here the excitement up on deck right now. As I like to say, the water is as breathtaking as the scenery. The foliage here in Fort Point Cove is turning. The loons are singing. I think it is going to be another good windjammer day.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

A special good morning from Victor Hatherly who, along with his lovely wife, is enduring another cruise.

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