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The Big Week Ahead

Good morning everyone. Another busy week awaits us. The weatherman promises a warming trend in the forecast by weeks end but the wintry conditions will persist through the first part of the week. The almanac seems to be right on target for this time period predicting snow, then sunny and cold.

I managed to spread some varnish upstairs in the barn on Saturday and I think it looks OK. Painting and varnishing are some of those life skills that one should be careful about displaying anything resembling competency with, like laundry and cooking. I always leave a “holiday” here or there just to make sure. This week we will be finishing the peapods, sanding the covering boards, painting trim around the cabin houses, painting the rail clamp, the bulwarks, the covering boards, the galley sole, miscellaneous varnish above and below decks, and the white tables in the galley. Whew…sounds like a lot of work and it is. Remember the cover comes off in 3 weeks and then we are exposed to the elements that will greatly define what we can do. So hang on tight and keep breathing (advice we remind ourselves of every day).

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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