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The more you let go, The higher you rise

(photo by Kendall Jansen)

It's time to rise again - to reset your play button and let it all go.

As the Covid "boiler pot" era begins to simmer, life for many of us is still spinning out of control, from the constant zoom meetings to the pings and dings of all our devices, making our daily demands outweigh our souls capacity. Life just keeps rotating like a child's spinning top wobbling at the end before it topples over. We are often reminded of this feeling by our guests who come aboard who are more than ready to unplug and sail in "schooner mode".

With life's clamor set aside, days unfold and senses are kindled by the fresh salt air, the warmth of the sun, the moistness of a fog or raindrop, and the soft kiss of the ocean breeze. The gentle motion of Mary Day as she sails through the water is the magical energizing force for one's inner being. From the sailing to the commanderies of others to the comfort food made from the heart, these are the elements that form the bridge of harmony between body and inner spirit. With the spinning top slowing down and ending its rotation to gently lay on its side, it is then we are able to reawaken to the way life should be.

Life, as it used to be, is once again where one can play on the shore, skip a rock on the beach, or paddle aimlessly about an anchorage while watching the seals duck and swim by. To take a deep breath and smell the spruce trees or to sit on the deck under the canopy of twinkling stars overhead and just imagine, dream, or ponder. Time slows down for one's soul to reignite its energy. It is truly about letting go and sailing on Mary Day is the place to be.

So as you think about a windjammer cruise remember it is about resetting your play button and leaving your pings behind. No need to pack all that clutter. Live simply and play gently. Still, thinking about a getaway? Go ahead, take a look at our 2023 schedule and see which trip fits your time off - and unplug, let go and enjoy life again.

Be Well. Do Good. Hope to see you in 2023.

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