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maine windjammer history, Harvey Gamage, Schooner Mary Day

Harvey Gamage aboard Mary Day alongside the recently launched Shenandoah, 1964

Good morning everyone. I took a trip in the wayback machine this weekend. All winter I have been planing to go visit Havilah Hawkins, Jr., son of Havilah Hawkins Sr. who designed Mary Day. Finally I went down to the Hawkins family house in Sedgewick Saturday to visit. We spent 4 hours pouring through dozens and dozens of photographs from the early days of the schooner. I wished I had a tape recorder running. Just the same, I have a lot to share. Jen and I are scanning like crazy with dueling scanners going in two rooms. I am not certain what will become of all of this. Our goal for now is to get it scanned so that it is at least preserved and available for folks to pick through.