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Thumpety Thump

Good morning everyone. A very light snow is drifting down onto the several inches we have received over the last few days. It looks like it will be a white Christmas here on the Maine coast.

We made our annual offering to the forest creatures at the Giving Tree just out at edge of the swamp behind our house. The kids lay down a sweet feast of apple slices for the beings out there. With snow this early I am sure that everyone out there will be thankful for the offering. Seems like a silly thing but to us the Giving Tree, a very large hemlock with wide sweeping branches, reminds us that we are not alone on the planet.

During the sailing season we have the constant and magnificent reminders; seals basking on the ledges, eagles calling from the island woods, porpoise surfacing for a breathe in the darkness. These moments touch our hearts with the thrill of connectedness. With the new moon just past the stars have been especially brilliant at night. I look up and feel like a speck only to be brought back to earth by the call of a barred owl in the woods. And my heart goes thumpety thump again. Last night we spent the evening making crafts with friends we do not see often enough. Thumpety thump again. The thrill of connectedness finds us in surprising places. I hope you notice when your heart goes thumpety thump today.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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