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Good morning everyone. Sorry to bore you with another broken record tale of a great day sailing. But yesterday was quite exciting. The wind came onshore from the south about 1030 and away we went. We saw 5 lighthouses including a close up view of the Blue Hill Light. The light is long since gone from the lantern room but the green beacon atop the skeleton tower stills guides mariners into the bay.

The light was very conducive to taking many pictures. The lobster boat pictured here pretty much says it all. Though built of fiberglass her handsome lines caught my eye. Notice the windjammer in the background. Is the irony lost on anyone else? The Maine windjammer Angelique looked particularly stunning in the light. As a replica of a Brixham trawler she comes from a traditional background on the other side of the pond. We didn’t tire of watching her ease between the islands.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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