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Training Hard

Watch groups have continued to focus on the basics. Steering a schooner in a straight line is not as easy as it may appear. Steering by compass is really hard. The bow watch has explored sail theory as well as anchor theory. Navigators worked on position fixing to confirm DR plots and our favorite 6 minute rule. Hand crafted ditty bags and fancy knots were started in the marlinspike watch. Getting going, staying going, and stopping going at the day's end is all it takes to sail a boat, right? After sailing off the anchor yesterday morning we sailed onto the anchor with all sails flying 'til the end. Quite a dramatic sight and great practice for the crew following commands with alacrity.

Here is a wonderful weather forecast as reported by the Green Team yesterday morning:

This is your weather report, recorded for your log, Feel free to add it to your blog, Today is going to be sunny and hot, Don't forget your sun block.

The winds re 10-15 from the west, For sailing we think this is best, We might run into some patchy fog, Not to be confused with the LA smog.

The waves today are 2-4 feet, but Mary Day won't skip a beat, This is your weather report and all we have to say, Have a great day sailing the Mary Day.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good. Photos by Tom Haraden.


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