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Under Cover

Good morning everyone. Hope you folks have been enjoying the crisp autumn air as much as we have. You can’t imagine how busy we have been this last week. Getting back ashore involves many hours of dismantling and down rigging. The crew have been hard at work. We did take this Columbus Day Weekend off and escape to the North Woods thanks to some very generous friends that allowed us to share their small cabin on the shores of a beautiful lake over looking Mt Katahdin. We even met a few of the locals. Folks often ask where we go for vacation and these pictures should tell you why we seldom leave the state of Maine.

We returned home to the frenzy and yesterday unrolled the shrink wrap. Capts. Garth and Jenny from the Lewis R French turned to and helped with our cover and we reciprocated. Two schooners covered in one day! The final shrinking is still to be done but the cover is tight enough for the moment. Today we start sanding and painting the mastheads and winterizing yawl boats. Letting go of the sailing season is not easy. Rosie remains in the water so that we might grab a few last moments sailing in the autumn breezes.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good. Keep breathing (advice to self).

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