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Under Cover for the Winter

Good morning everyone. The crew did an amazing job once again. The folded shrink wrap was already in place ready to be dropped over the sides. After a few more minutes of finishing touches we unfurled the plastic and began fastening it down along the bottom. The hardest part of this whole process is fastening the plastic around the shrouds and masts. Shrink wrap is weldable and the tape made for this plastic is wicked sticky! So at days end we had welded and taped and shrunk. The weather was perfect although a little too hot for this time of year. We had several folks stop by to comment about how premature a winter cover seemed. But I can tell you that the first cool rainy day that comes along will make this cover seem all worth it. Mary remembers how many times we have been fighting wind and rain this time of year of year to get the cover on. So we will count our lucky stars and be thankful for a good strong cover..and a few days off.

We had a wonderful crew dinner together last night, 17 places set around a big table. Breaking bread together in celebration of a great summer I was overwhelmed with joy for the crew sitting around the table who have made this season possible. They have given so much of themselves, more than we can ever pay them for. They have been through thick and thin and worked some very long days. And when I see how much guests appreciate their efforts I am even more pleased. But in the end the pride this crew takes in a a job well done comes from a place that I have yet to define adequately. There is something special about schooners and sailing the bay that brings out the best in all of us. What makes a human being want to live in cramped quarters, stand out in the rain, stand on a pole 70 feet in the air, and work their tails off? The answer is different for each person but I am certainly honored to get to see the best in people everyday.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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