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Wait a Minute

Good morning everyone. Autumn has arrived in full force and with it the highly variable weather that makes New England unique. Just a few weeks ago we were cloaked in sweaters and just yesterday we were in t-shirts. Kyle brushed by Maine yesterday. The forecasts and predicted tracks all had tropical storm warnings and even a hurricane watch posted for the Down East coast. One independent forecast service had very dire predictions for extended power outages from down trees. But Kyle had its own plans and swung off to the East at the last moment. We had braced ourselves by hauling small boats up into the park and lashing the sails with extra gaskets. Additional mooring lines were attached. After a bleak early morning forecast the noon-time updates suddenly dropped the tropical storm warnings. The ‚Äúwait a minute‚Äù adage about New England weather certainly came true. In this case 7 hours made an enormous difference. We listen carefully to these forecasts and respond accordingly with due diligence and regard for safety. Even though we are a little disappointed when the forecasts don‚Äôt pan out we know that we have taken every precaution to safeguard the schooner and our guests. We know you have as much invested in this beautiful boat as we do. So thank you for all the emails and phone calls. All is well in Camden… this minute.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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