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Walking on Water

Good morning everyone. We are in the midst of an early cold snap here in Maine. Temperatures are about 10 degrees below normal so what should be lower 40s during the day are just barely breaking freezing. Every little snowflake sends the kids into their own flurry of excitement. I don’t mind the colder temperatures. As I have said in these blogs before, cold temperatures give us 1) bragging rights, and 2) bananas left out on a cold day may turn brown on the outside but they are still good to eat on the inside. So to my delight I found bona fide ice on Camden harbor filling the entire northeast corner.

Most of the ice around the windjammers melted away in the heat of the day. The local boat yard sent out a skiff with an outboard and 2 fellas (one up forward as ballast) to break up the ice around their pilings, some of which have been lifted out of the mud in the past by clinging ice and rising tides. I shook my head and thought that these fellas are in for one long winter. By the way, nature will win.

Jen and I have been working in the galley this week. I finished winterizing the systems and then I poked at a soft spot in the lower corner of the ice box.

After a little surgery I discovered that entire lower third was filled with rot. There was never any vapor barrier to prevent the moisture from the atmosphere from condensing against the inside layer of fiber glassed plywood. I found some old polyester filler when I took things apart indicating that someone had been here before. It will all be as good as new in a week or so. I can actually stand up inside the ice box. I guess that makes it a walk-in. Now that is a lot of food as you folks who have sailed with us know. Jen has buffed out the main cabin dining tables until they are smooth like a baby’s bottom.

I like this one shot of the gull walking on water. See, the wonders of the cold never cease.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good

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