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We are Nuts

Good morning everyone. Well I just had to say it before you did. Yes, we are truly nuts. Now we have gone and added one more adventure to our already full lives. As you can see she is some cunnin’. We have named her Colby.

We had been having the long family debate for weeks about the kids involvement where they swore allegiance to the cause nineteen ways to Sunday (talk is cheap). Finally late in the day Jen called only to discover that another family was going to adopt her, now the last in her litter. Long story short, after several heart wrenching phone exchanges seems that Colby was meant to come to Appleton. And we have some very happy campers on our hands… Colby included. Now Jen will have an office friend for the summer and the real work of training begins.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


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