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Weekly Windjammer Work Update

Good morning everyone. It is hard to believe that the thermometer is reading just 8 degrees this morning when yesterday morning it was well up into the 30s. Taking advantage of the broken up ice on the harbor I went out to check the schooner. All is well there.

As you can see Mary’s new wood shed is coming along nicely. For those of you who have ever had the joy of rifling under a snow covered tarp to get to your firewood, well, you know how luxurious this shed will be. Mary already has her boxes of gardening supplies lined up on the kitchen floor headed for the storage side of the shed. We should finish up the roof boards today and start in on the trim, the precursor to clapboard siding. For the curious, yes, Mary will be returning to sail another season. I can hear the angels singing from here.

Back on the home front Elisa and Jen are balancing office, firewood, kids, and family Christmas preparations. As some of you are seeing Jen has created a cool newsletter. We spent the weekend stamping and labeling. With all the post office has on its hands nowadays it is amazing that these get anywhere but we are already hearing from some of you making plans for next year. The annual calendars should be in the mail very soon.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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