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Welcome Home

Good Morning Everyone. Home at last…and it feels good. I had a great time in Texas. The hearts of Texans are as big as the state they live in. Many fond farewells were exchanged as I left the ship. Once again, this experience showed me how much the ship is her crew, not just the sails.

Spring has absolutely sprung here. I am amazed at the transformation that happened while I was gone. Two hawks, broad winged I believe, were calling as they spent the afternoon soaring over the woods behind our house. Robins are in the field. I scared a woodcock from the field’s edge while collecting sap. The funny part of spring is that now we can find all the lost items that were buried under the snow banks, a mitten here, a screwdriver there, a muffler hanger down the driveway. More importantly, we find a renewed sense of energy. We’ll need it for the next few months of craziness getting the boat ready.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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