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What A Ride!

Good morning everyone. We had a great sail yesterday. We left Camden with the a promising forecast and it came true. This week is our fall lighthouse cruise and we have aboard with us Courtney Thompson, author of several books on lighthouses including one on the Maine coast. She has been in most all of these lights and we are delighted to have her here.

The incoming tide and south wind began shortly after leaving Camden and 7 hours later we were anchored for dinner in Bar Harbor, 55 miles from our home port. I think that means we averaged about 8 knots all day. The kids were laughing hysterically at the smother of foam and spray at the bows that we experienced from time to time.

We did manage to see a few light as well…Curtis I, Deer I, Bass Harbor Head, Bear I, Baker I and Egg Rock.

We do not get to Frenchman Bay often so seeing Egg Rock was a rare treat. Frenchman Bay was filled with gannets diving head long from high above the water like avian missiles. At one point we were scooting along at 11.6 knots over the bottom driving up Frenchman Bay against the outgoing tide. My guess is we were doing over 12 through the water, certainly the fastest we have seen this summer. The cliffs and mountains of Mt Desert are just awesome. Today a light NW wind should carry us back out of Frenchman Bay.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Photos by Barry & Jen.

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