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Windjammer Birthday

Happy Birthday Mary Day! 45 years ago this week the first coasting schooner was launched here in Maine since 1938. Well wishers filled the Harvey Gamage boat yard on a snowy January day to see this graceful schooner slide into the waters of the Damariscotta River. Capt Havilah Hawkins her designer and captain for her first 20+ years must have been filled with immense satisfaction to see how beautiful she was floating there, right on her lines. Built in 6 months she was a combination of traditional lines and some innovative thinking on the part of Capt Hawkins. Mary Day was also the first passenger carrying commercial schooner launched in the 20th century specifically to be a windjammer.

Mary Day herself christened the schooner and continues to wish us well each season from her home here in Camden. Both schooner and person continue to inspire us with their grace and beauty.

Have a great day!

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