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Windjammer Friendships

The interesting observation was made yesterday that in this day and age a windjammer vacation is quite unique. Truth be told, this vacation is not for folks who want to remain anonymous. On the large cruise ships one can literally disappear in a crowd of thousands but not so on a windjammer cruise. Part of the magic here is that we get to know each other with all our beauty and foibles and humor. When this schooner was launched she boasted 6 three person cabins. It was a day and age when folks didn’t mind sharing space. We still have a couple of those cabins and folks still share but not to the same extent they used to. Personal space and boundaries are different today than they were 45 years ago. (Does it strike any one else as ironic that the website My Space is actually a big community forum where we can share ourselves and is not really my space at all?) But one thing hasn’t changed. People still like to laugh. They still enjoy the friendships they find here. And as the schooner week goes by the boundaries break down and a sense of friendship builds. It is OK to come up on deck in your pajamas in the morning, complete with bed head, and try your luck at the head. We quickly realize that we are all quite human and to share that is a real gift. It makes me think back to the day our friend the Major passed away, surrounded by compassionate friends holding his hand, talking quietly, witnessing and sharing his humanity. Why live anonymously if you don’t want to die anonymously? Aboard a windjammer we find humor and compassion and beauty everyday. And that is very cool to share.

Have a great day. Be well. Do Good.

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