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Windjammer Memory Lane

Good morning everyone. Sub-zero temperatures have continued this past week but the sun’s warmth can be felt coming back. I noticed it sitting by the window and seeing how quickly the temperature jumped back up into the teens yesterday. Ice covered the entire inner harbor yesterday but it won’t last long. This week we celebrated Mary birthdays and I mean both Marys. Friday was world famous cook Mary’s birthday and Wednesday was the anniversary of Mary Day’s launching in 1962, an equally bitter cold day with snow. Built of hardy New England stock Mary Day Hawkins was there to christen her namesake in a beautiful dress and heels.

I wanted to share a little trip down windjammer memory lane. I have always contended that no history is complete without a look through the eyes of those who make the history happen in the first place. These photos were shared with us this summer by guest Bill Young. They were taken in July of 1977. When compared to Mary Day today many changes can be seen not just aboard the schooner but in the harbor and in the fleet.

It was during this time period that Mary Day moved to her newly created berth at the library park and even that dock system has changed since then. Fire had recently torn through the main cabin and forced a 3rd wheel into Captain Hawkins experienced hands. The first had been lost in a barn fire at their home in Sedgwick. There were no lazarettes or deck chairs to sit on. Topmasts ands topsails completed her rig after sailing 15 years “bald headed”. That change forced a change in companionway locations and cabin arrangements.

The head rig and headsails were trying different configurations. But some things have not changed at all. People can still be seen laughing on deck.

Crew are the same young and enthusiastic people we see aboard today.

And the Maine coast is as spell binding as ever.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Photos by William B Young used by permission. Thank you Bill and everyone else who has helped us capture Mary Day’s history.

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