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Windjammer Perspective

Yesterday Kaitlyn and I painted out our little boat Suzanna in the barn with an ambulance call thrown in for good measure. Sawyer came out to give a hand as well. Sawyer was also our staff photographer du jour so he gets today’s photo credits . He loves taking pictures. This morning I was looking through his work and just had to chuckle. Sawyer was a little distressed that the boat was upside down. To his eye, upside down boats just don’t look right, ashore or in the water. Reasonable enough. I feel the same way, especially when they are in the water. So this morning as I am browsing through the photos he took I came to one where the boat was rightside up and knew that couldn’t be right. Until… I realized that in order to make the world conform to his ideal he turned the camera upside down and took the picture. Upon righting the camera the boat and its name looked just right (never mind the saw horse the boat is sitting on or Kaitlyn and I on our heads, we’ll fix that later in Photoshop!). So there you have it, from the eyes of babes, another lesson that life is all just in the way you look at things.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Photos and life perspectives by Sawyer King


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