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Windjammer Reflections

Good morning everyone. We are finishing a week of two very cool three day cruises. We finally received some much needed rain mid-week.We do not travel far on a three day cruise but for everyone aboard we experienced a world light years away from the mainland. I was talking with a newly wed couple last evening about how lucky we are to have this chance to get away. The reflections in Kathleen’s glasses kept catching my eye. I could see the whole schooner and the clouds over the bay at sunset. I see more through other peoples eyes than perhaps they might realize. How wonderful for this young couple to be starting a new life together. How amazing are the three brothers taken a few days to just hang out together. Sawyer and Courtney made some new younger friends who live in a whole different world in suburban D.C. The whole of this crazy world came together aboard Mary Day this week and for just a few short days we were at peace with ourselves. How cool is that?

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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