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Windjammer Weekend

Good morning everyone. What a beautiful week we have had and this weekend just keeps the trend going. All of the windjammers came to Camden harbor this weekend for the festivities celebrating the windjammer fleet. There was a parade of sail outside the harbor around the USS Oak Hill, a 600′ naval vessel anchored here for the weekend.

There have been a ton of festivities ashore including an open house aboard the windjammers yesterday and today. Mary Day’s guests and crew performed for the crowd in the “Schooner Bum’ talent show. The guests did a great job hamming it up despite a few passing showers.

There was also a “ditty bag” competition which Sawyer entered his own bag in and won honorable mention. Afterwards there was a spectacular fireworks show over the outer harbor.

For me Windjammer Weekend is really about the people most responsible for keeping these windjammers alive, the guests. I beat this drum frequently but it never grows old to my ears. You who are reading this are the reason we exist. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This weekend I celebrate your sense of adventure. I celebrate your willingness to leave it all behind ashore and let the week be what it will be. When creature comforts and distance from nature seem to be the trend you defy all odds and chose to live most deliberately embracing whatver it is the wind and tide bring us. Yahoo for you.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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