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Winter Comes Knocking

Good morning everyone. Well old man winter came knocking yesterday. The dock hauling was cancelled on account of heavy rain which turned to snow flurries. At the immediate coast there was no visible accumulation but just 5 miles inland from the coast we had a 1/2″ of new snow and up in the mountains even more. Sawyer, of course, was ready to go sledding and tried one warm up run down the drive way. Hope is not reserved for spring.

Even before the snow came we could see the telltale signs. Frost was heavy in the field yesterday and early morning ice has been lingering on the ponds. On the bay you would hardly recogize the guillemots in their winter garb. Each winter we also get a host of ducks that guests normally don’t get a chance to see unless you come on one of our early or late cruises. Golden eyes, pintail, and buffleheads will hang out in the inner harbor all winter long. They are just beautiful and give me thoughts of wilder places farther north where they breed in the summer. But contrast that with 56 degree temperatures just the other day and you can understand why old man winter is just getting to the door. We welcome him with the excitement and anticipation of a child.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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