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A Taste of Spring

Spring has sprung here on the Maine coast and that means the sounds of the harbor are filled with the chatter of songbirds, seagulls, harbor ducks as well as the arrival of the Canadian geese settling in for their summer residency. Along with the pearls of nature, signs of the upcoming windjammer season are noticed with sanders buzzing, the sight and smell of rigging being tarred, and most importantly the waft of delicious baked goods being made and tested. Cathy has returned to work in the galley looking forward to sharing her baking talents with all our guests once again. It's a difficult task to try all these but the crew are working diligently to make sure all test recipes are Mary Day approved.

This week's delicacy was Blueberry Cream Cheese Scones. A perfect melody of ingredients to enjoy with a steamy cup of Coffee on the Porch brew with thoughts of sitting on the deck of Mary Day in the early morning taking in the sights and sounds of the nearby island. Click on the link below for the recipe and create something so good, that you'll want to share it with others. Go ahead, creativity is contagious so pass it on.

Be Well. Do Good. Happy Spring!

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Mary Day's Blueberry Scone Recipe
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