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The heartbeat of the Galley

Updated: Mar 11

Welcome to a different century, where there are no digital buttons, no touch screens, and no easy-clean options. In the schooner's galley, there is a simple black stovepipe attached to a large cast-iron cookstove that dates to the late 1800s. Fired with wood, she is the heartbeat of Mary Day's galley. "Diamond" (our Glenmore K cookstove), teaches chefs how to create wholesome windjammer cuisine our guests thoroughly enjoy. Working with a wood-fired cookstove is a dance.

Returning to once again dance with Diamond, Chef Ellie has proven her culinary talents are on display daily. "I just love the woodstove" as Ellie simply puts it. " It's like a chef's field trip to go back and visit the origins of cooking with fire, using modern recipes and yesterday's technology, tried and true methods hold fast to this day. The first meals were cooked over flames. From those humble beginnings come savory meals with a modern gourmet twist. It's as if I'm cooking with the legendary French chef Auguste Escoffier in the 1800s using his equipment. Imagine showing your great-grandmother what her descendent can do. And I get to share this all with our guests on Mary Day. How cool is that?"

Recently Ellie spent the day in Portland promoting the Maine Windjammer Association. Filming three cooking segments for the "207 News Center Maine" show, Ellie shared her favorite Mary Day recipes. Take a peek at her Maine classic cuisine, Lobster Corn Chowder. (Click the link below for the PDF of the Recipe)


Lobster Corn Chowder
Download PDF • 385KB

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